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Helm Flash Tutorials

End User Flash Tutorials
Watch Movie Creating a POP account
Watch Movie Creating an email autoresponder
Watch Movie Creating a default (catchall) email account
Watch Movie Creating an email forwarder (redirect)
Watch Movie Adding a domain
Watch Movie Creating a subdomain
Watch Movie Creating a domain alias (pointer)
Watch Movie Creating a database
Watch Movie Creating custom error pages
Watch Movie Creating an FTP account
Watch Movie Creating an email account in Outlook Express
Watch Movie Using File Manager
Watch Movie Managing your billing
Watch Movie Installing SSL Certificates
Watch Movie Creating an ODBC DSN
Watch Movie Changing your password & personal profile
Watch Movie Monitoring resource usage & statistics
Watch Movie Adding extra features to your account
Watch Movie Creating an MRA (Multi-Recipient Account)
Watch Movie Installing FrontPage Extensions
Reseller Flash Tutorials
Watch MovieCreating a hosting plan
Watch MovieAdding a user (hosting account)
Watch MovieSetting up DNS
Watch MovieSetting up a payment gateway
Watch MovieSetting up a Welcome Email and signup script
Watch MovieSetting up domain registration settings
Watch MovieCustomizing the look of the user's control panel
Watch MovieConfiguring currency, sales tax & invoice settings
Watch MovieManaging billing (invoices, statements, etc)
Watch MovieChanging your password and personal profile
Watch MovieManaging your Instant Messaging System
Watch MovieAdding a domain to a user account
Watch MovieCreating a default home page for new users
Watch MovieAdding extra features to plans
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