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Coldfusion 8 Hosting

What is ColdFusion 8?

New features, dramatically improved performance and scalability, and easier integration with enterprise IT environments, ColdFusion 8 is a must-have release for ColdFusion developers.

New in Coldfusion 8:
  1. .NET integration - With ColdFusion 8, you can specify any .NET object ?either local or remote ?and use it in your ColdFusion application, just like any Java?or other object resource.

  2. PDF features - ColdFusion 8 applications can dynamically generate and interact with PDF documents and forms for a printable, portable way to intelligently capture and share information.

  3. Ajax features - ColdFusion 8 can easily provide data to existing Ajax applications and frameworks. You can use simple tags to access a large library of prebuilt Ajax user interface components such as rich text editors, data grids, tree controls, tab navigators, and more.

  4. Server Speed - Every ColdFusion application we tested runs faster in ColdFusion 8. Most applications see an average of 30-40% performance gain, and some applications are seeing performance 3 or 4 times that of ColdFusion MX7.

  5. Flash based presentation builder - Combine HTML, Audio, Flash Movies, Images, and CFCharts to create spiffy flash based presentations on the fly. Just wrap your existing pages in CFPRESENTATION and you are on your way.

  6. Native image manipulation functions - Blur, sharpen, draw, rotate, stream to browser, and much much more. This finally brings ColdFusion's image support in line with PHP and other frameworks while keeping it so simple that even I could use it.

  7. Flex integration - ColdFusion 8 now includes LiveCycle Data Services ES (formerly Flex Data Services) and other data exchange improvements to simplify the data-enabling of rich Internet applications (RIAs) you build with ColdFusion and Flex.

  8. Atom and RSS feeds - ColdFusion 8 introduces the new CFFEED tag, which can read and create RSS and Atom feeds in commonly used formats, so you can quickly and easily create complex content syndication applications.

  9. ZIP and JAR file features - ColdFusion 8 introduces two new tags, CFZIP and CFZIPPARAM, so you can manipulate ZIP and JAR files for working with file archives.

  10. Strong encryption libraries - ColdFusion 8 now includes RSA BSAFE Crypto-J libraries, which provide FIPs 140-certified strong encryption.

  11. Database interaction improvements - ColdFusion 8 supports nested transactions, provides a new DBINFO tag to programmatically access information about a data source, allows stored procedures and queries using CFQUERYPARAM to be cached, and much more. Plus, there is expanded database driver support with new options for SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g, Sybase ASE15, MySQL 4 and 5, PostgreSQL 8, and others.

Coldfusion 8 Hosting is providing coldfusion 8 hosting with all Coldfusion 8 features. All windows hosting plans are support Coldfusion MX 7 and 8.'s coldfusion 8 hosting is good option for any ColdFusion developer as it provides them all coldfusion 8 features without the huge cost of purchasing their own license.

Which ColdFusion tags and functions have been restricted or disabled?

ColdFusion has several tags that should be disabled in a shared hosting environment. has disabled CFEXECUTE, CFOBJECT and CFREGISTRY.

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