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Coldfusion Hosting

What is ColdFusion Hosting?

ColdFusion, originally developed by Allaire (then Macromedia and then ADOBE) is a suite of products that are designed to help build web pages. ColdFusion is a server scripting language similar to PHP, CGI, or ASP. It is used to create dynamic web pages. Like PHP, CGI and ASP, ColdFusion, it enables web developers to build and deploy dynamic web sites such as content publishing systems, self-service applications, e-commerce sites and more. It is an easy-to-learn tag-based language that has connectivity to enterprise level data and powerful built-in search and charting capabilities.

ColdFusion enables web developers to easily build and deploy dynamic web sites, content publishing systems, self-service applications, e-commerce sites and more. ColdFusion Server is the application that processes the CFML code. CFML is the acronym for ColdFusion Markup Language and is an extension of HTML and XML. This makes it a powerful yet easy to use language.

ColdFusion makes it easy to build a web site that interacts with your users to create rich web sites that have database capabilities.

What are the benefits of ColdFusion Hosting?

ColdFusion is server side technology meaning it processed by the web server. It works well with Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and Freehand. ColdFusion allows you to build and deploy powerful web services with less training time and fewer lines of code than ASP, PHP or JSP.

Which ColdFusion tags and functions have been restricted or disabled?

ColdFusion has several tags that should be disabled in a shared hosting environment. has disabled CFDIRECTORY, CFEXECUTE and CFREGISTRY. can enable CFDIRECTORY when you request.

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